How to Best Address Pet Dander at Home


Pet dander is the microscopic particles of skin shed by animals with feathers or fur, such as dogs, cats, birds, and rodents. These tiny particles can cause reactions in people, especially those who are allergic to them.

Saliva, urine, and feces are also composed of triggering proteins that may likewise be tagged as allergens. Usually, these things can easily mix with dust or float on air, lodging in openings or landing on surfaces commonly touched. This can easily be inhaled by people and cause a cascade of bodily reactions, some of which may turn into serious health problems.

To remedy this problem caused by pet dander, one has to properly manage his pets at home and conduct general cleaning at regular intervals. Furniture like sofas, countertops, and carpets can magnetize these particles. Carpet cleaning is, thus, very essential.

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You don’t have to get rid of your pet if you’re allergic to pet dander. It can be addressed by doing some adjustments at home and, of course, consulting a doctor if your allergies get worse. It’s also important to keep your pet out of your bedroom and train it to keep out from your carpets and furniture. And remember to clean your home more often and never allow dust to accumulate. Air duct cleaning may also be needed.

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