Carpet Stains that Require a Professional Touch


Try as we might get rid of them, there are just some stains that would need more effort than we are equipped to be.

That is why, as a provider of carpet stain removal and air duct cleaning, we say it is better to outsource the job to professional carpet cleaners.

In this entry, we will be listing down the types of stains that would need a professional touch.

  • Pet stains
    When it comes to pet stains, dealing with them immediately is the way to go. The earlier you try to remove the stain, the more likely you can prevent it from setting. However, in reality, it can take hours or days before the offending stain is found. You also have to consider the bacteria that come with this type of stain.
  • Coffee stains
    The coffee smell can be forgivable, but that unsightly, yellowish-brown stain? Not so much. So, if your usual stain remover isn’t cutting it, be sure to have a professional take a look at it.
  • Bloodstains
    Stains from blood usually stick because removing it isn’t the top priority, treating the source of the blood is. Thus, blood seeps into the fibers of the carpet, requiring professional intervention.
  • Ink stains
    Whether your child got a hold of a marker or you accidentally busted a pen, ink stains on your carpet can make the most optimistic person lose hope. Ink penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet and would need professional treatment.

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