Mold in Homes: How to Get Rid of It


Molds are a type of fungus and can be present everywhere. They produce minute things called spores which spread by floating around in the air.

Mold spores thrive in places that are warm and moist. When they land on damp spots, they begin to grow. These damp spots can be found in your homes such as on carpets, wallpapers, floors, sofas, mattresses, and others. Hence, it’s required that homeowners always practice regular general cleanings in their homes and avail themselves of professional carpet cleaners.

Mold spores can enter the home through the air via open windows and doorways, or they can even enter through ventilation systems. So, aside from cleaning common surfaces in the home, air duct cleaning is also recommended.

Spores can also enter the home by attaching to objects or people. Once they make it inside the home, they can eventually multiply and attach to places where their growth is supported. These areas are those where leakages and flooding have occurred, where condensation builds up, and where the air does not circulate.

Wet cellulose materials are also supportive of mold growth. These materials include wood products, insulation materials, upholstery, other fabrics, ceiling tiles, and paper products like wallpaper.

Mold causes a lot of health problems. They may trigger allergies in some and cause infections or breathing problems in others. Good thing we offer upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin, which is a service that can counter mold growth.

Protect your family from molds by removing them by hand, reducing home humidity, and calling Deep Clean City! We provide reliable carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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