What Is Carpet Raveling or Unraveling?

What Is Carpet Raveling or Unraveling?

As you are looking at your carpet, you cannot fail to notice an unsightly scene. You lean in and see an unfortunate thread coming out. But this is not just one single thread as you realize the rest of the edges are out. Your beloved rug is falling apart.

Raveling happens when a part of the carpet is untangled, loosened, twisted, or fallen out. There are different types of carpet unraveling – zippered, pulled, or sprouted. Knowing which one is important to decide on the next step. Unraveling can happen in a particular spot or throughout the surface.

Localized unraveling or that which happens in small or certain areas generally happens because of external tension from dragged furniture, sharp vacuum edge, wheelchair, or even pets. Raveling near the seams at the wall can happen due to power stretchers used at installation. When the raveling happens in the middle of the room, poor seam sealing can be the culprit.

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