Harmful Effects of Household Dusts


Dead skin and small fragments are included in the dust. Although it may make you cringe, this poses a few serious health problems for the majority of people. However, due to its small size, it may be inhaled and cause an immunological response, which is why most people want to avail vent cleaning service. Depending on the person, these allergic reactions could be moderate or severe.

The type and size of a dust particle determine its level of toxicity to human health, and repeated, prolonged exposure to large concentrations of dust in any form can be hazardous to your health. You won’t likely experience any issues from regular household exposure, but working in a dusty workplace could. It is vital that for every establishment air duct cleaning is done regularly.

Deep Clean City, an expert provider of carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, believes that although it is currently unknown if dust exposure leads to the development of asthma, breathing in large amounts of dust over an extended period is thought to impair lung function over the long run and increase the risk of diseases including chronic bronchitis and heart and lung conditions.

Allergies to dust typically have the worst effects on human health. Some individuals develop a dust allergy much later in life and those who have an inborn dust allergy, which is fundamentally an allergy to one or more components of dust. The following are typical allergy symptoms brought on by dust:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Regular sneezing
  • Having teary eyes and itching
  • Coughing constantly and shortness of breath

To prevent these health risks, contact now your professional carpet cleaners. You may also consider availing Upholstery Cleaning in Wisconsin.

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