Tips on How to Care for Your Couch

How to Care for Your Couch

If your sofa is the lost-and-found spot of your home—the hiding place of remote control, half-eaten chocolate bars, or coins—then you should know it’s bound to collect dust, stains, grime, bacteria, and other unsavory substances. The experts of upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin can help you with the following upkeep tips:

  • Take note of fabric-specific care
    Most couches come with tags that indicate their fabric and manufacturers’ wash care instructions. Removable parts should be regularly cleaned following the tag’s instructions.
  • Before you start cleaning
    Before cleaning the couch, run it with a washcloth, brush, or towel to remove any dried food or bits of dirt. Don’t use colored cloths to avoid dye transfer.
  • Use baking soda
    Even experts in carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin do this, especially if you don’t have a dry sofa cleaning powder. The trick is sprinkling your couch with a generous amount of baking soda then vacuuming it off after 20 minutes or more.
  • Test the cleanser first
    Instead of flipping your couch to just cover the nasty stains, you can try getting them off, but first, make sure that you test the cleanser if it causes any damage to your sofa or not. Do a small patch test on a less visible spot before you take the actual stain.
  • Get professional care
    Most of the above tips may just be quick fixes. Get professional couch cleaning service at least once a year!

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