Ways You’re Ruining Your Mattress

Ways You’re Ruining Your Mattress

You spend a third of the time in a day on your mattress, so it’s worth keeping it in good shape—comfortable, well-maintained, and all. So, keep your mattress cleaning regular and mind other unknowing ways you might be ruining it, such as the following:

  • Not rotating it
    Sleeping in the same position every night will leave a permanent divot or dip in your mattress. A provider of carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recommends that you slow this process by rotating it 180° at least every after three months.
  • Not using a mattress cover
    Unsavory substances such as dead skin cells, body oil, and more can lead to musty smells and worse, bacterial growth. Prevent this from happening by using a mattress protector.
  • Not cleaning it
    Your mattress will last if you clean it regularly, like every three months. Upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin can help you with this.
  • Making it a pseudo-trampoline
    Jumping on the bed might be fun but know that such an impact often results in its cracked supports and broken springs. Make sure no one jumps in the bed!
  • Keeping your bedroom blinds closed
    Bacteria and dust mites thrive in a musty and dark environment, so it’s important that you open the windows and blinds regularly and let your mattress breathe.
  • Not properly supported
    It depends on the mattress you’re using. Traditional mattresses often require a box spring while denser foam mattresses need sturdy-platform style support.

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