How to Deep Clean Your Couch

How to Deep Clean Your Couch

Aside from air duct cleaning as we have discussed in the previous article, you will also have to deep clean your couch every once in a while. It is dirtier than you think. The couch is what you, your whole family, your pets, and your guests use. It absorbs odor, body oil, hair, and food crumbs, among others. Wiping dirt off is not enough.

As an expert in upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin, we have created this short guide on how to deep clean your couch with ingredients found at home.

  • Check the label first.
    Different fabrics react differently. What works for others may destroy your couch. For example, W means it is okay to use water for cleaning, WS means that steam vacuum is recommended, and X means that water should not be used.
  • Baking soda is usually okay for many fabrics.
    It is good for stains, dirt, and grime. Apply baking soda in the dirty area of your couch and leave it for half an hour. You may also mix it with a carpet cleaner. After 30 minutes, use a vacuum with a brush nozzle to thoroughly remove the mixture or the baking soda.
  • You can also blot away stains using a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and warm water.
    You may also use a spray bottle for synthetic upholstery with half a cup of vinegar and half a tablespoon of dish soap.

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