Prolonging the Life of Your Carpets


Carpets are a strong contender when it comes to the flooring and styling preferences of every homeowner. These pieces add eye candy to your interior design and are often the number one choice for homeowners who do not want audible, annoying steps at home.

Because they enhance your homes in many ways, you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Unfortunately, carpets can be a bit sensitive simply because of the nature of their usage. How can you prolong their life?

  • Diligent Vacuuming
    Your vacuum cleaner is your best friend when it comes to carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming controls the accumulation of dust and dirt. Don’t give your carpets half-baked vacuuming, either. Have your vacuum cleaner pass through your carpets at least four times.
  • Clean Your Air Vents
    Dirty air ducts and vents can increase the accumulation of dust and other substances inside your home. These particles can land on everything inside your living space, including your carpets. Proper air duct cleaning will help you address this problem.
  • Strictly No Footwear
    Shoes and other forms of footwear are carriers of dust and other particles. Footwear will potentially increase the damage that your carpets can sustain over time. Not using footwear when stepping onto your carpeted floors will help you preserve their quality.
  • Professionals Cleaning
    Lastly, you can always work with professional cleaners to help preserve your carpets. They have the resources and expertise to keep your carpets in great shape. Here at Deep Clean City, we can help you maintain your carpets with our carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We also provide upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin and other cleaning services. Reach out to us for your inquiries!

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