The Best Dog Breeds for Your Carpet


If you’re hesitant to get a dog because of its fur getting on your carpet, leave this to your carpet cleaning company. Other than carpet concerns, you need to consider regular air duct cleaning. But if you’re particular about the breed, here are some you should keep an eye on.

  • MalteseThey are friendly and fun without being excessively active. Although these dogs don’t shed as much as most breeds, their coats are velvety and white and should undergo frequent grooming. You can call your professional carpet cleaners when slight or occasional fur does accumulate on your carpet.
  • American Hairless TerrierLoyal and sociable, this breed is a great hunting companion. Other than having little to no coat, they’re great to have around a carpeted home.
  • Miniature SchnauzerMiniature Schnauzers are protective by nature which makes them excellent watchdogs. They are docile, lively, and very trainable. Even if their shedding is minimal, their double coat needs trimming from time to time.
  • Afghan HoundAfghan hounds are energetic and loyal. These dogs have beautiful long and silky hair that sheds little to none. But just like the Maltese, they need to be bathed and brushed to maintain the health of their coat.

For concerns regarding upholstery upkeep, you can opt for upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin.

Regardless of the breed, dogs make great companions in a home. But if the shedding weighs heavy on your mind, don’t hesitate to give Deep Clean City a call for your carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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