Tips on Caring and Maintaining Your Sofa

Tips on Caring and Maintaining Your Sofa

Fabric sofas are very comfortable and visually contemporary, but along its advantages comes the lack of durability. Especially if the sofa is made of a light-colored fabric (white, cream, or ivory), the dye of garments or clothing can transfer to it. This and many other reasons give fabric sofas their disadvantages. Follow these tips for upholstery cleaning in Wisconsin:

  • Clean it regularly.
    Regular cleaning is needed as dirt particles tend to collect under and above the surface of a fabric sofa. Vacuum your sofa at least every two weeks using a soft brush attachment making sure to clean it gently. If you’re giving it a quick clean, damp cloth will do for any light or grime marks. You can also opt for the help of upholstery cleaning service professionals.
  • Don’t dry it under direct heat.
    Any fabric upholstery left out in the sun can bleach, fade, or lose its natural qualities, as well as if it is exposed in radiators, fireplaces, and pipes causing it to get warped or dried out—damages which professional upholstery cleaners may not be able to reverse.
  • Plump the cushions to keep them in shape.
    Plump the arm, seat, and back to keep the sofa in its natural shape every time it’s used longer. Let experts in upholstery and carpet cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin help you maintain your sofa in pristine condition.
  • Clean spills and stains quickly.
    Remove liquid as quickly as possible before the stain can have any chance to soak the fibers of the fabric.

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