What Is Carpet Buckling and How to Avoid It?

What Is Carpet Buckling and How to Avoid It?

We love it when our carpet looks flat and clean – the sight just gives us peace of mind. And we do what we can to keep it that way. Unfortunately, when we see some ripples or bulges on the carpet we love, we start to fix it right away. And soon, things seem to go back the way it was – to the good old flat carpet.

But then, it happened again – and it seems that no matter how you pull the carpet back to its place or how you stump on it, nothing beats the ugly bulge on the carpet’s surface.

These bulges or ripples are called carpet buckling which is caused when there is excessive moisture your humidity under the floor. Excess moisture around the environment can also contribute to this phenomenon. Another reason is the movement of large and heavy items above the carpet.

Knowing these reasons, it becomes simpler to avoid these ugly ripples. Maintain the humidity of your space – especially when you are located in humid climates. When moving large pieces of furniture, it is best to lift the pieces without contact with the carpet.

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